Green Infrastructure Framework Launch - 31 January 2023

Green Infrastructure Framework Launch

Natural England’s Green Infrastructure Framework webinar launch, 31 January 2023. An introduction to Natural England’s new Green Infrastructure Framework – Principles and Standards for England.

Green Infrastructure Framework

An overview of Natural England’s Green Infrastructure Framework - including context for the Framework, and the Green Infrastructure Standards.

Green Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide

An overview of the Green Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide, and how it can complement the National Design Guide and Code.

The Urban Greening Factor Standard

Thu, 25th Jan 2024
The Urban Greening Factor Standard

A deep dive into the role of the Urban Greening Factor Standard, one of five green infrastructure standards in the Green Infrastructure Framework: Principles and Standards for England produced by Natural England.
Includes case studies of good practice and practical application.
Audience: Local government professionals and their delivery partners involved in housing and regeneration strategy, planning and delivery.

What is Green Infrastructure?

What is Green Infrastructure?

Watch this Green Infrastructure explainer film to find out what green infrastructure is and why it matters.

Deep Dive Webinar for the Urban Greening Factor

Tue, 12th Sept 2023
The Urban Greening Factor

Natural England developed Urban Greening Factor for England, as one of a suite of five Headline Green Infrastructure Standards within the Green Infrastructure Framework. Urban Greening Factors (UGFs) are a planning tool that are relatively simple to use and when combined with other planning measures can significantly increase urban greening in an area and support delivery of mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain.

Use of Urban Greening Factors (UGFs) is voluntary, and guidance is intended to support organisations and individuals involved in the planning and development process. UGFs provide a mechanism to support planning, design and decision making to improve the quantity, quality and functionality of green infrastructure in urban districts.

Webinar contributors: Clare Warburton and Jane Houghton, (Natural England’s Green Infrastructure team), Peter Neal, (Landscape Architect), Lindsay McCulloch, (Southampton City Council) and Samantha Davenport, (Greater London Authority)

Green Infrastructure Framework: The Urban Tree Canopy Cover Standard

Thu, 13th Jul 2023
The Urban Tree Canopy Cover Standard

In this deep dive webinar, Natural England's Green Infrastructure team, Clare Warburton and Jane Houghton, along with Jim Smith and Tina Shilleto from the Forestry Commission discuss application of the Urban Tree Canopy Standard, one of the five Headline Green Infrastructure Standards in the GI Framework.

The standard is for a locally agreed percentage increase in tree canopy on a defined local baseline. The panel discuss how to assimilate local needs, opportunities and constraints when applying the standard. The webinar also covers the Urban Tree Canopy Standard in relation to major developments, ensuring trees are incorporated and streets are tree lined in synch with National Planning Policy Framework requirements. Bryan Cosgrove from Manchester’s City of Trees also provides an excellent case study.

Green Infrastructure Framework: Deep Dive GI Design Guide

Tue, 28th Mar 2023
Green Infrastructure Design Guide

Consultant Gary Grant delivers a “deep dive” into designing good quality Green Infrastructure and talks you through the GI Design Guide.

Green Infrastructure Framework: Deep Dive on using the GI Mapping Tool

Thu, 2nd Mar 2023
Green Infrastructure Mapping Tool

This workshop is a "deep dive" into the structure and content of Version 1.2 of the England Green Infrastructure Mapping Database. This will be an opportunity to learn in depth about the technical aspects of the mapping and be involved in some Q+A to help potential users gain an insight to the database overall.