Broadmoor to Bagshot Woods and Heaths SSSI - Wishmoor Bottom valley mire (014)
Staff member responsible: Conservation Delivery Team
Unit Id: 1031376
Unit area (ha): 14.41
Unit Status: Live Gridref: SU 876 626
Main habitat: FEN, MARSH AND SWAMP - Lowland
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Condition and Comments (click for history): Unfavourable - Recovering Assessed by: GRAHAM STEVEN
Last assessed: 23/10/2015 Last assessment field visit: 12/06/2015
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Last CSM assessment: 12/06/2015
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Much of the mire in the lower parts of Wishmoor Bottom is dominated by the tall, tussocky grass purple moor-grass. This is a characteristic component of mires but it can become overwhelmingly dominant in certain situations to the detriment of overall plant diversity. Other associated species in these areas are common cotton-grass and bog-moss but these are present at low frequency. The mire habitat is generally very species-poor. There are high levels of leaf litter produced by purple moor-grass. Large sections of the mire are also adversely affected by abundant growth of young birch and pine, and there is higher than desirable cover of mature pine. Scrub clearance is urgently needed to avoid loss of mire habitat. These areas would benefit from increased grazing intensity, or cutting and removal of vegetation, and removal of more of the mature trees. However, the population of the rare crested buckler-fern appears to be stable, if not increasing, at present and so this aspect is considered to be in good condition.

Number of adverse condition reasons: 1
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