Buttermere Fells SSSI - Outerside (085)
Staff member responsible: JEAN JOHNSTON
Unit Id: 1029689
Unit area (ha): 245.3503
Unit Status: Live Gridref: NY 212 218
Main habitat: DWARF SHRUB HEATH - Upland
Condition (click for history): Unfavourable - No change Assessed by: JOHNSTON, (JEAN)
Last assessed: 24/11/2016 Last field visit: 29/10/2012
ISA Survey: View Surveys
Date of site check: Last CSM assessment: 24/11/2016
Reason for adverse condition: AGRICULTURE - OVERGRAZING,
Condition assessment comment:

Dry heath fails on cover of dwarf shrubs (2/20 stops pass) and number pf dwarf shrub species (13/20 stops pass). Much of the units was relatively heavily grazed, with only 7/17 stops having <33% dwarf shrub shoots grazed. Heather heath is confined to the upper slopes and bilberry is widespread further down. The billberry heath was grazed down to between 2cm and 15cm. The blanket bog fails on num. ber of species present (7/16 stops had 6 or more species) and cover of sphagnum was variable. It was also fairly heavily grazed with 10/14 stops having <33% of dwarf shrub shoots grazed. The indicators of grazing pressure were such that the units as a whole is unlikely to continue to recover.

Number of adverse condition reasons: 1
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