Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye Bay SSSI - S.15 Ashworth East Sussex (138)
Staff member responsible: Jo Dear
Unit Id: 1029417
Unit area (ha): 42.3462
Unit Status: Live Gridref: TQ 967 210
Main habitat: NEUTRAL GRASSLAND - Lowland
Date of last site check: Checked by:
Condition and Comments (click for history): Favourable Assessed by: JANE SMITH
Last assessed: 27/11/2008 Last assessment field visit: 27/11/2008
ISA Survey: View Surveys
Last CSM assessment: 27/11/2008
Estimated year unit will go Favourable: Confidence in estimate:
Comment: Targets for the key attributes are being met: Extent of feature: No loss noted. Water levels: below 50cm in 22% of ditches, however, this attribute should be assessed in the summer when this is critical. Water clarity: moderately to highly turbid in 22% of ditches and one ditch blanketed in duckweed. Extent of algal dominance: None noted. Successional stage of the ditches: 89% of ditches are in mid stage. Degree of heavy shading of ditches: acceptable. Ditch profile: 89% of ditches have non trapezoidal profile. Botanical species diversity: mean number of species recorded is 7.6 for 6 sample points which is above the minimum. Non native plants: None noted. Indicators of local distinctiveness: Lemna trisulca, Althaea officinalis, Scirpus maritimus, Ceratophyllum submersum, Oenanthe fistulosa present.
Number of adverse condition reasons: 0
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