Muggleswick, Stanhope and Edmundbyers Commons and Blanchland Moor SSSI - Ambling Gate (029)
Staff member responsible: AMY CHRISTIE
Unit Id: 1028525
Unit area (ha): 509.3263
Unit Status: Live Gridref: NY 949 434
Main habitat: DWARF SHRUB HEATH - Upland
Condition and Comments (click for history): Unfavourable - Recovering Assessed by: PURVIS, (KAREN)
Last assessed: 05/03/2010 Last assessment field visit: 05/03/2010
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Date of last site check: Last CSM assessment: 05/03/2010
Estimated year unit will go Favourable: Confidence in estimate:
Comment: The condition assessment was completed in July 2009. There are several discreet areas of blanket bog across the unit, including a large area on Longlaw. In general there is a good variety of species on the bogs, and previous gripping has in the most part blocked naturally. Most have suffered from some suppression from heather beetle however, especially on Longlaw. The north west corner of the unit in particular has large, dense stands of both soft rush and bracken, interspersed with areas of suppressed and fragmented heath, with little species diversity in the most part. The heath to the east of Longlaw is less fragmented to a certain extent, however still shows signs of suppression. The acid grassland on the south west slopes shows little sign of dwarf shrub in the sward, the patches of rush are fairly small and currently are not too dense. Overall the unit is unfavourable due to the condition of dry heath, the areas of bracken would also benefit from control to keep the extent to acceptable area. An HLS agreement has now been signed which address these issues however; therefore the unit is assessed as unfavourable recovering.
Number of adverse condition reasons: 1
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