The Hudnalls SSSI - VICTUALS GROVE (004)
Staff member responsible: KATEY STEPHEN
Unit Id: 1023510
Unit area (ha): 4.8686
Unit Status: Live Gridref: SO 549 039
Condition and Comments (click for history): Favourable Assessed by: HYNES, (JULIET)
Last assessed: 25/03/2015 Last assessment field visit: 13/05/2014
ISA Survey: View Surveys
Date of last site check: Last CSM assessment: 24/10/2008
Estimated year unit will go Favourable: Confidence in estimate:

The unit is part of the Wye Valley Woodlands SAC, the main vegetation type is W10 oak/W14 beech woodland. The woodland has high canopy cover ranging from 65% to 95%, more often at the higher end of this range (average 86%), dominated by oak and beech, but ash, lime, birch, cherry and rowan also present. The understory varied in cover from 15 to 50% (average 26%) and included hazel, rowan, holly, elder wychelm and yew. Ground flora was consistent with NVC type including, bluebell, dogs mercury, yellow archangel and wood anemone. Open space was limited (average 9% and at 4 of the 11 stops was 0, the age structure was satisfactory, however, recruitment of saplings was low. Low to medium levels of deer browsing were noted and this together with the lack of open space may account for the low numbers of saplings. Though the amount of open space, and therefore sapling recruitment, is slightly below the 10% favourable threshold in these units, if the SSSI is taken as a whole these units should be considered favourable. Standing and fallen deadwood was present at all stops. The unit is considered to be favourable however, natural regeneration needs to be encouraged through creation of more open space and deer management. Sycamore was noted at 4 stops but not to a level indicating unfavourable condition, very small amounts of rhododendron at laurel were observed at stops 3 and 8 respectively. This unit has been assessed as favourable.

Number of adverse condition reasons: 0
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