Staff member responsible: PAUL CANDLIN
Unit Id: 1022793
Unit area (ha): 28.4808
Unit Status: Live Gridref: SK 023 279
Main habitat: BOGS - Lowland
Condition (click for history): Unfavourable - Recovering Assessed by: HOLLAND, (TOM)
Last assessed: 06/02/2015 Last field visit: 06/02/2015
ISA Survey: View Surveys
Date of site check: 01/01/1900 Last CSM assessment: 06/02/2015

UNITS 5, 6, 7 and 8 – Most of the fields that comprise the moss’s surface water catchment (the fields that slope down to the perimeter ditches) appear to be in appropriate Environmental Stewardship options (EK3, EK4, HK7) - however the fields in HK15 (SK0228-2359; SK0228-3960 and SK0228-6944 ), that supply water to Chartley Moss’s northern boundary lagg, allow an application of 12.5 tonnes/ha/year of farm-yard manure.

Fields in EK3 and EK4 (SK0228-5205; SK0228-8501 and SK0228-0405), that supply surface water to Chartley Moss’s southern boundary lagg, are also allowed this sort of FYM application, but only after a hay cut. If manure is applied to these fields (even if they cut, but especially if they are only grazed) it would be concerning (as it would risk adding nutrients to the moss, or at least the lagg).

Fields feeding the southern boundary seem to be tightly grazed by sheep. Would a longer sward be a better guarantor against diffuse pollution and silt run-off? Investigate the water quality coming off the fields before blocking the lagg (?).

A tiny part of field SK0128-8935 also makes up the western part of the moss catchment – it’s not in agreement. Does it need to be?

The Stoney Brook forms the northern boundary of SAC. Should it be left alone undredged? Is HB14 ditch management on the ditch that leads away from the mire appropriate?

If FYM is not, in practice, applied, management for notified features (as buffer for the transition mire and its lagg) seems fine so unf-rec? If the Stoney brook and associated mire is deemed to be a notified feature then management is not fine (i.e. dredging).

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