Mole Gap to Reigate Escarpment SSSI - BOX HILL- SOUTH (014)
Staff member responsible: GEORGINA TERRY
Unit Id: 1008923
Unit area (ha): 32.6712
Unit Status: Live Gridref: TQ 183 511
Main habitat: CALCAREOUS GRASSLAND - Lowland
Condition and Comments (click for history): Unfavourable - Recovering Assessed by: GREENSLADE, (PETER)
Last assessed: 13/08/2009 Last assessment field visit: 13/08/2009
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Date of last site check: Last CSM assessment: 13/08/2009
Estimated year unit will go Favourable: Confidence in estimate:
Comment: Unit is predominantly grassland some (60%) of which had been grazed and had a high cover of forbs although Tor grass is present throughout with scattered scrub although this is less than 10%. Forbs present include frequent bird?s-foot trefoil, salad burnet, dwarf thistle and rough hawkbit. There is occasional gentian, small scabious and mouse-ear hawkbit, and smaller amounts of fairy flax, marjoram, carline thistle and eyebright. The ungrazed area was less species rich and dominated by tor grass. The areas of woodland in the unit are restricted to a strip in the north and one in the south above and below the grassland area. These are both mixed beech and yew dominated with some notable mature individuals, also with whitebeam, oak, ash, birch and sycamore (<5%). Shrub layer includes hawthorn, blackthorn and box with ground flora sparse in places, nettles, brambles or ivy in others and patches of dogs mercury. Good edge habitat with scrub transition zone grading into the grassland. No negative indicators except the extent of tor grass.
Number of adverse condition reasons: 0
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