Rock Edge SSSI - ROCK EDGE (001)
Staff member responsible: Conservation Delivery Team
Unit Id: 1002947
Unit area (ha): 1.7176
Unit Status: Live Gridref: SP 549 064
Main habitat: EARTH HERITAGE
Condition and Comments (click for history): Favourable Assessed by: TOMLINSON, (MARY)
Last assessed: 06/12/2011 Last assessment field visit: 06/12/2011
ISA Survey: View Surveys
Date of last site check: Last CSM assessment: 06/12/2011
Estimated year unit will go Favourable: Confidence in estimate:
Comment: The Site appears to be in similar condition since last assessed in 2009. The faces are still in good condition and clearly show the coral rag. There is some scrubby growth along the rock face and tree growth along the top of the face but nothing significant to damage or obscure the feature of interest. The sediments are very fossiliferous and specimens are easily visible along the rock face. There is no evidence of indiscriminate fossil collecting or damage to the feature, although there is a small section of slumping in the centre section of the feature. At present no further remedial work is needed.
Number of adverse condition reasons: 0
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