Easton Farm Meadow SSSI - GRASSLAND (001)
Staff member responsible: Conservation Delivery Team
Unit Id: 1002080
Unit area (ha): 1.6477
Unit Status: Live Gridref: SU 418 721
Main habitat: NEUTRAL GRASSLAND - Lowland
Condition and Comments (click for history): Favourable Assessed by: SUSSEX, (DES)
Last assessed: 14/10/2016 Last assessment field visit: 16/06/2016
ISA Survey: View Surveys
Date of last site check: Last CSM assessment: 14/10/2016

The site has improved since the last assessment, largely through active management by a combination of summer cattle grazing, cutting and removing vegetation (late summer), and localised topping of areas of taller sedge and rush. This has helped to reduce some of the taller/coarser vegetation to acceptable levels, and has removed much accumulated litter and brought this within targets. The sward height is varied and although it is tending towards the tall side it is acceptable. Sward height varies with the grazing pressure and no cattle had been present prior to this visit. The species rich grassland occurs in a patchy mosaic grading into taller fen vegetation with meadowsweet, sedges , yellow flag, rushes and angelica on damper areas.

There is high cover of forbs within most of the open grassland frequently well in excess of 50%. A good diversity of high value indicators is present, with fen bedstraw, marsh marigold, meadowsweet, ragged robin all frequent, and marsh orchid, water avens, carnation sedge and valerian all at least occasional.

Bare ground is present just as occasional hoof prints. There are no signs of encroachment by scrub or woody vegetation, and no signs of encroachment by weeds or non-native vegetation.

Number of adverse condition reasons: 0
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