Dartmoor SAC
Dendles Wood SSSIEast Dartmoor SSSINorth Dartmoor SSSISouth Dartmoor SSSITor Royal Bog SSSIWistman's Wood SSSI
H4010 Northern Atlantic wet heaths with Erica tetralix             F     UR URURURURURURURURUR       UR          UR? UR?   
H4030 European dry heaths     UR URFUDUDFFF FURFURUR UR URURURUR URURUR       UR  URUR         URUR   
H7130 Blanket bog      UR                UR       URURURURURURUR  ?  UDFURFURUR URUR URFUR 
H91A0 Old sessile oak woods with Ilex and Blechnum in the UK??URF                                  F                F
S1044 Southern damselfly, Coenagrion mercuriale                             F                          
S1106 Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar      F               F FFFF F FFF FFF ?         FF     
S1355 Otter, Lutra lutra           F          F FFFF F FFF FFF ?         FF     


F Favourable
UR Unfavourable recovering
UN Unfavourable no change
UD Unfavourable declining
PD Partially destroyed
D Destroyed
? Not recorded