Mole Gap to Reigate Escarpment SAC
Mole Gap to Reigate Escarpment SSSI
H4030 European dry heaths               UR             
H5110 Stable steppe formation with B. sempervirens on rock slopes FURF     FF ?UR              
H6210 Semi-natural dry grasslands and scrubland facies: on calcareous substrates (Festuco-Brometalia), (note that this includes the priority feature "important orchid rich sites") FURF UR UR  F ?UR URFURUR    URUNF  
H6211 Dry grasslands and scrubland facies: important orchid sites     UR UR  F ?UR URFURUR    URFF  
H9130 Asperulo-Fagetum beech forestsFFURFF UR ?F ??FURUR  UR????   UR?
H91J0 Taxus baccata woods of the British IslesFFURFF UR ?F ??F UR   ????   UR?
S1166 Great crested newt, Triturus cristatusF    URUR ?FF??URURUR URUR???  FFUR?
S1323 Bechstein's bat, Myotis bechsteiniFFURF  UR ?F ??FURUR  UR????   UR?


F Favourable
UR Unfavourable recovering
UN Unfavourable no change
UD Unfavourable declining
PD Partially destroyed
D Destroyed
? Not recorded