Suffolk Coast NNR
Designated site name: Suffolk Coast NNR   View map
Other designations: 11
Legally underpinned by:
Area (Ha): 973.972 Grid reference: TM 473 737
Features from overlapped sites: 0
18TH Century wind pump
1939-45 defensive diggings/trenches
Anguilla anguilla European eel
Annual vegetation of drift lines
Anti glider ditches 1939-45 war
Blyth Estuary
Blyth river valley
Bronze age tumuli
Bronze age tumuli
Bronze age tumuli
Bronze age tumuli
Car parks x3 Westwood, 5 cross ways, Smiths cottage
Coastal and Floodplain Grazing Marsh NVC communities
Coastal and Floodplain Grazing Marsh: Breeding and overwintering
Coastal and Floodplain Grazing Marsh: Overwintering assemblage
Coastal Vegetated Shingle
Coastal Vegetated Shingle little tern Sterna albifrons
Community Involvement
Dry Heath Acid Grassland Birds
Dry Heath: Amphibians and reptiles
Dry Heath: Birds
Dry Heath: Invertebrates:
Economic Use
European brown hare Lepus europaeus
European Dry Heath Acid Grassland: Vegetation communities. U1b,U1d, U1e, U2a, U20a, U20c, SD10b
European Dry Heath: H8a, M16a cross-leaved heath E. tetralix
Hen harrier Circus cyaneus
Intertidal mudflats: Over wintering assemblage.
Invertebrates: Beetles
Invertebrates: Fly species
Invertebrates: Moths
Lowland Fens communities: S12, S14, A9, S19, M22a, M22c, MG1,M23
Lowland Mixed Deciduous Woodland W10d,W16a, W22, W23, W24,W25
Lowland mixed deciduous woodland: Breeding birds
Perennial vegetation of stony banks
Pill box 1939-45 war
Pill box 1939-45 war
Private hides, Westwood marshes x2
Public Acess
Public hide, Blyth Estuary
Public hide, marsh East Hill
Rare transition in grazing marsh ditch plants from brackish to fresh water. whorled water-millfoil Mvriophvllum verticillatum, Brackish water-crowfoot Ranunculus baudotii
Reedbed mammals
Reedbed: Breeding and overwintering birds
Reedbed: Breeding birds
Reedbed: moth assemblage
Reedbed: Vegetation communities: S4a, S4d, S12, S6, S20,A2b, S26b, S25a,
Route of Southwold to Halesworth Railway closed 1929
Saline lagoons: Invertebrates lagoon shrimp Gammarus insensibilis
Saltmarsh communities: SM24, SM13, S26b,M16, SM23, SM16, SM8, SM6, SM9, SM10, SM15, SM14, S4d, SM17, SM2
Saltmarsh on the Blyth and also on corporation marsh
Saltmarsh: Breeding and overwintering birds
Saltmarsh: Narrow mouthed whorl snail vertigo angustior
Saltmarsh: Overwintering birds
Shingle beaches
Shooting rights exercised by third parties
Site of 1944 aircraft crash
Tinkers grazing marsh
Way leave access Fen cottages
Way leave access for farm traffic
Way leave power lines
Westwood reedbed
Wet Woodland W4a,W4b,W2a
Wet Woodland: Fly assemblage
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