Scolt Head Island NNR
Designated site name: Scolt Head Island NNR   View map
Other designations: 12
Legally underpinned by:
Area (Ha): 737.5637 Grid reference: TF 813 462
Features from overlapped sites: 0
Aggregation of non-breeding birds.
Archaeological & Historical Features
Atlantic salt meadows NVC communities
Atlantic salt meadows: Vascular plant assemblage
BAP and RDB Invertebrates - Sand Dunes
Breeding BAP bird species
Breeding birds (redshank)
Breeding Terns & Ringed Plover
Education & Research
Embryonic sand dunes
Fixed dunes
Glasswort (samphire) and other annuals colonising mud
H& S compliance
Landscape Features
Mediterranean saltmarsh scrub
Mudflats and sandflats not covered by seawater at low tide
Natural Coastal Processes
RDB Invertebrates - Saltmarsh
Reserve Buildings & Infrastructure
Shifting dunes
Socio-economic Features
Staff resource
Strandline vegetation
Vascular plants - Lax-flowered Sea Lavender
Vascular plants - Smooth Catsear & Sea Spurge
Wintering shorelark & snow bunting
Wintering waterfowl assemblage
Zostera spp. (eelgrass) communities
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Overlapping site features
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