Aston Rowant NNR
Designated site name: Aston Rowant NNR   View map
Other designations: 7
Legally underpinned by: Aston Rowant SSSI
Area (Ha): 159.1073 Grid reference: SU 727 965
Features from overlapped sites: 0
Amphibian Assemblage
Breeding bird assemblage associated with mixed scrub and woodland
CG2 Festuca ovina – Avenula pratensis grassland & CG3 Bromus erectus grassland and CG7 Festuca ovina-Hieracium pilosella- Thymus praecox grassland
Community Involvement
Economic Use
Education, Research, Demonstration.
Estate fabric
Fungi Assemblage
High diversity of bryophytes (Nationally scarce and locally rare species)
Invertebrate assemblage type F11 associated with unshaded, early succession calcareous grassland
Landscape feature and Archaeological features
Nationally scarce mammal/Protected species
Public Acess
Reptile Assemblage
Reserve Office and Barn base
Sheep flock
Standing timber in freehold and leased areas
W12 Fagus sylvatica – Mercuralis perennis woodland & W14 Fagus sylvatica – Rubus fruticosus woodland
W21 Crataegus monogyna – Hedera helix scrub
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