Conservation Advice for Marine Protected Areas: guidance and supporting material

Natural England has provided supplementary material to support understanding of the comprehensive evidence behind the components of the Conservation Advice for Marine Protected Areas. Contained within the table are a series of guidance videos, FAQs, glossary and supporting material to aid users navigate and understand Marine Conservation Advice for Marine Protected Areas.

Viewing the advice

To view the Conservation Advice package for a Marine Protected Area please visit the 'Search for site details', and then following the link through to the 'Conservation Advice' package.

Guidance on how to use Conservation Advice for MPAs

ItemDescriptionLinkLast edited
Flowcharts - Guidance for competent authorities on how to use Conservation Advice for MPAsTo help understand how Natural England will use the information in the conservation advice as part of the assessment process for different MPAtypes, see the flowcharts for the following MPAs
  - MCZsMarch 2019
  - SPAs, SACs and RamsarsMarch 2019

Guidance and supporting material

ItemDescriptionLinkLast edited
March 2019 publication updatesUpdates advice to packages published in March 2019March 2019
GlossaryGlossary of terms used within Natural England's conservation advice packagesMarch 2019
FAQsUpdate information for packages for the publication roundMarch 2019
DSS guidanceGuidance on navigating pages on the Designated Sites System (DSS)March 2017
Accessing the CA PackagesHow and where to access Natural England's Conservation Advice packagesOctober 2017
Navigating the packagesHow to navigate through Natural England's Conservation Advice packages on the Designated Sites SystemsNovember 2017
Feature mapping video 11. Introduction and New Evidence CollationNovember 2017
Feature mapping video 22. Standardisation of data and formattingNovember 2017
Feature mapping video 33. Integration, QA and feature extentsNovember 2017
Feature mapping video 44. Data publication and stakeholder feedbackNovember 2017
Conservation Objectives and Supplementary Advice on Conservation ObjectivesWhat are the Conservation Objectives of a site and its Supplementary Advice on Conservation ObjectivesDecember 2017
Advice on SeasonalityProvision of advice on seasonality of mobile featuresDecember 2017
Advice on OperationsProvision of advice on operationsJanuary 2018
Conservation Advice on SPAsHow Natural England compiles Conservation Advice for Special Protected Areas (SPAs)July 2018

Visualisation and mapping material

ItemDescriptionLinkLast edited
Index mapsInteractive index map with direct links to each conservation advice package and its component on DSSMarch 2019

Contact information

For more information, please contact us:
See Table below for Local Area team contact details
Site locationContact details
Irish Sea: Cumbria (including Morecambe Bay)
Irish Sea: Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside
Yorkshire & North
Norfolk & Suffolk and the East Midlands teams (Southern North Sea)
Dorset, Hampshire and Isle of
Somerset, Avon and
Devon, Cornwall & Isles of
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