Thanet Coast and Sandwich Bay SPA

Last updated: 15th March 2019

Advice on Seasonality

In the table below, the months highlighted in green in each row indicate the months in which significant numbers of each mobile designated feature* are most likely to be present at the site during a typical calendar year. Where count data was available, highlighted months with significant numbers were defined on the basis of one or both of the following criteria being met in more than three-fifths (60%) of the years within the six years period 2007-2012. The two criteria used were: i) monthly maxima exceed 10% of the highest mean of monthly maxima over the six-year period; ii) monthly maxima exceed the 2012/2013 national significance threshold. These criteria were predominantly used for non-breeding bird features (based on WeBS data). Where insufficient count data were available to use these criteria, months with significant numbers were highlighted on the basis of generic information on seasonal patterns of occurrence in published sources.

Applicants considering plans or projects scheduled in the periods highlighted in green would benefit from early consultation with Natural England given the greater scope for there to be likely significant effects that require consideration. The months which are not highlighted in green are not ones in which the features are necessarily absent, rather that features may be present in less significant numbers in typical years, but there may still be a significant effect. Please note that this period can vary between years and that in any one year considerable numbers of a species may be present (throughout the year or) outside of the months indicated below. Any assessment of potential impacts on the features must be based on up-to-date count data and take account of population trends evident from these data and any other available information. Additional surveys may be required.

*Please note: we do not provide Advice on Seasonality for assemblage features
Feature nameLife StageJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Golden plover, Non-breedingNon-breeding
Little tern, BreedingBreeding
Turnstone, Non-breedingNon-breeding