ISA SURVEY DETAIL - Aqualate Mere SSSI - Eastern Meadows (Estate) (034)
Survey Date: 19/06/2014
Lead Surveyor HOLLAND, (TOM)
Survey Type: ISA
Survey Status: The survey is now complete
Survey Comment:
ISAT Survey: ISA00004926 Fails on i) the low frequency of positive indicators - two occasional (Mentha and Angelica sylvestris), two rare (Galium palustre and Filipendula ulmaria) and eight present (inlcuding Lotus, ...see Note for full Comment.
Action Questions
Amend FCT
  - False
Change SSSI unit boundary
  - False
Identify any condition threats and populate CMSi
  - False
Provide further advice
  - False
Renotify/denotify SSSI features
  - False
Report/follow up non-compliance
  - False
Management Questions

Survey Features

7032 : Lowland mire grassland and rush pasture

Variable Measure Stop Readings Summary Target Pass/Fail
Cover of bare ground Percent cover 5 5
Target: <10%
Cover of graminoids (coarse/rank, leaves > 10mm wide) Percent cover 1 1
Target: Arrhenathrum elatius and Deschampsia cespitosa together should cover less than 10% of the sward.
Cover of Juncus spp (all) Percent cover 40 40
Target: Species from Group A at least occasional throughout the sward. All species combined no more than 80%, of which no more than 50% made up of species from group B.
Cover of large Carex spp (leaves > 5mm wide) Percent cover 1 1
Target: Bulky wetland species collectively should cover less than 20% of the sward.
Cover of litter Percent cover 0 0
Target: <25%
Cover of negative indicator species (all) Percent cover 1 1
Target: No species more than occasional throughout the sward or singly or together more than 5% cover. Anthriscus sylvestris, Cirsium arvense, C. vulgare, Rumex crispus, R. obtusifolius, Urtica dioica.
Cover of trees and scrub (all) Percent cover 0 0
Target: Together, no more than 5% cover.
Extent of feature (AREAHEC) Area in hectares 3.3
Target: 3.3
Height of sward Length in centimetres 25 25
Target: Sward should be 2cm or greater (excluding Group B Juncus spp), but no more than 25% should be more than 40cm (including Juncus spp).